Government is the agency through which political leaders exercises authority

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The most basic goal of forming a government is to maintain law and integrity of people living in a society following the rules and guidelines. Instead of each person living life as they wish, they can either follow the rules established by the government or may also leave room and go in search of a place that is in their interest. People are often under government protection because it promises to maintain order and also protects their assets. The government can be of various shapes such as democracy, communitarianism, anarchism, dictatorship, monarchy and various other forms that vary according to their explanation.


Both chambers of the Government of Tamil Nadu were later replaced by legislative houses as many other states of India which has a period of 5 years time before re-election. With the increasing demand for the digital economy, the concept of e-governance has taken an important place in the world. This method of e-governance is implemented by the Government of Tamil Nadu to improve the transparency of the work done by the government and provide information faster for citizens.


Like all other states of India, the head of the Maharashtra government is the chief minister, while the governor is the head of state of Maharashtra. Maharashtra government has two houses in their legislation is known as the Lower House and Upper House each of whom is assigned a specific name, a former Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha and called the Maharashtra Vidhan Parishad. The lower house is composed of members directly elected in single-seat constituencies and some members of the upper house are chosen by indirect elections in the Electoral College and few of them also get appointed by the governor, few of them, even by members of Vidhan Sabha.


The lack of projects for private companies have forced multinationals to cut prices wages, benefits and even the number of people who have made people reflect on the benefits offered by government jobs. Although government jobs do not promise to give as many advantages offered by the private sector, but they have their own set of benefits available to the employee. These benefits are the main reasons that tend to draw people into government jobs with pensions, the supply of money on a monthly basis, even after the employee has retired from employment, the relaxed working environment, some jobs in the government also promised to provide jobs for their families if for some reason, there will be sudden death of the person who works in the office also provides free medical facilities to the limit specified for the employee and sometimes their family members.

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Government is the agency through which political leaders exercises authority

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Government is the agency through which political leaders exercises authority

This article was published on 2011/01/05
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