Illegal immigration jail - the so-called opponents of racism

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Statistically, the costs of illegal immigration jail, the U.S. taxpayers $ 100,000,000 per year. What is the "B" people. Now I know that if you begin to zeros tend to the people on foot. These impressive figures tend to leave people a bit in shock, but if the unit of weight is it calculated?

There are approximately 310 million people live in the U.S. and only a third actually pay taxes. If 100 million people pay $ 100,000,000 home, nutrition, education and employment of citizens of another country. Do you think the Mexican government would be so generous with taxpayers' money?

Doubtful. Self-immigration jail laws, punishable by a prison and deportation of illegal immigrants. Try the country without papers, whether to protest the law, burn flags, and asks its citizens racist. Living in New York sewers is more interesting than keeping up the ass.

Why we need the federal government, to try to supply the "reform of the penal system to make the immigration jail, and what needs to be reformed? Just the laws already in force and ensure the freedom of Member States to protect its citizens. I guess that it cost more than $ 100,000,000 per year to protect our borders.

America is terrorism on a daily basis, and our government will continue to open our borders to the red light district brothel. Americans question when we say that racists are wrong. Why? If the MSM has to work, and most of the concerns in this country, nor to encourage minorities, can be anti-American demonstrations in (if you burn our flag), making air time and the real concerns of citizens will be highlighted.

At what point to join CA attack on a common voice for those who harm our country and want to reduce? At what point do you really start commentator and communications? This is a big problem. Americans are busy. They rely on local news sources to provide objective information.

A good portion of people do not add titles have read or heard to ensure the validity of the story, or more different angles. It is a sin, but what it is and the MSM knows it. Give them the right to advise the Americans spend much of themselves as journalists. And what do you ask what the MSM has with anyone that the American immigration jail or to say one sentence to support SB 1070, however, is simply an anti-Mexican? Well, I'm not the answer "all inclusive", but I can tell you what I think.

Our government is a public and political necessity, which is now called the "perception managers", also known MSM in order to promote their personal agenda. Thus our office staff will be humble and let the poor billionaires. Do not get me wrong, I have to go back a lot of scratching. I bet that 100 billion that these media moguls be paid in the form of new laws or even less. So, why we are leaders want us to believe that they are racist? Why do we need Hispanic votes, pure and simple. In the coming midterm elections, seems to be tilted to the right, you need every vote to keep them in office .

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Illegal immigration jail - the so-called opponents of racism

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This article was published on 2010/12/27