Obama's Takeover of Auto Industry - GMC and Chrysler

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In an unprecedented move, never before done in the history of America, Obama announced his plans to get government control of private businesses. The two companies in question are GMC and Chrysler. He announced his plans in a televised speech on Monday, March 30th. This is after forcing the retirement of longtime CEO of GMC, Rick Wagoner. He did not, however, force the retirement of the head of the auto union who has greatly impacted GMC's financial problems. Although Obama repeatedly said he does not want to have the government running the auto industry, this is exactly what he is doing. In fact, he is getting into micromanaging GMC by such actions as the government guaranteeing GMC's service contracts.

Wagoner has worked all his life, 40 years, for GMC. He knows the business inside out. Obama's beef is with him. Wagoner is too old-fashioned, wanting to continue to produce gas-guzzling pick-ups and SUVs. GMC has to change and produce light-weight green cars for tomorrow's future. Apparently, in Obama's book, pick-ups and SUVs have to go. Guess what? In 2008, the two top selling vehicles in America were GMC's pickups and SUVs. No green car of any description made the top 10 list. Also, the Chevy Malibu was voted car of the year, 2008. Going further, twenty of GMC's vehicles showed profits in 2008. Eleven of these were pickups and SUVs, and GMC vehicles are very popular overseas.* It doesn't sound to me like Wagoner has done so badly. But this apparently does not faze Obama. Come hell or high water, and in spite of what Americans want, carbon-fueled vehicles have got to be replaced with green. SUVS AND PICKUPS ARE NOT IN AMERICA'S FUTURE REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE AMERICAN BUYERS WANT.

Thus, Obama has taken it upon himself to gain control of American auto industries and FORCE THIS CHANGE! He is also forcing Chrysler, an American company, to join with Fiat, a foreign company, again a first in American history. This is in spite of the fact that Obama has pledged to bring back to America's shores as much of America's overseas business as possible. It seems to become clearer and clearer that Obama's promises mean nothing. Chrysler has been given thirty days to comply and GMC sixty days. If they don't, it's bankruptcy. Chrysler and GMC should have done this first and avoided the middleman, the inefficient, bureaucratic, power-hungry United States Government. Can you name even one thing that the government runs efficiently?

Do you know what the scariest words are in the English language? "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." Wake up America. One by one, Obama is toppling our freedoms like dominos in a line. Once we lose them, it will be hard to get them back.

Please give me your opinions about the government running America's privately-owned auto industries.

*Facts from Rush Limbaugh, 3/31/09

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Obama's Takeover of Auto Industry - GMC and Chrysler

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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